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Family Court Advocates

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Webinar on Sexual violence against Children and their rights

Sexual Violence against children and their rights

Children, who by definition require the guardianship and care of adults, are among the most vulnerable and innocent victims of crimes. Crimes against children include physical and emotional abuse; neglect; and exploitation, such as through child pornography or sex trafficking of minors. Child-related crimes often are perpetrated by parents, relatives, caretakers, and others who are charged with their care and guidance. School officials, physicians, police officers, and other such authority figures are required to report any signs of abuse or exploitation against a child. ...

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Comparison Between Mutual Consent and Contested Divorce

Couple is fighting over contested or mutual divorce

Marriages are said to be the strongest bond that keeps a couple committed and devoted towards each other in a marriage. Many times due to several unfortunate scenarios when a marriage doesn’t seem to be working well, it’s better for the spouses to get separated. In India, the law provides two ways to get divorced – ‘Mutual consent’ and ‘Contested’ divorce....

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Can A Wife File A Domestic Violence Complaint After the Divorce?

A womens image is shown with mans hand coming towards her to hit on face

The Indian Constitution emphasizes the fundamental rights of an individual, thereby promoting basic freedom. Among these, the right to equality before the law, discrimination on the basis gender, religion, race, caste and place of birth is of prime importance. Nonetheless, there has been an increase in the instances of rising oppression on women in the form of domestic violence, rape, and sexual harassment....

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Step by Step Process for Divorce with Mutual Consent

Couples fighting at lawyer office, marriage broken

Marriage is meeting of two souls but a divorce becomes inevitable when these two souls give up on each other due to any reason/reasons. As per Indian Legal System, the process of divorce starts with filing a divorce petition. One of the parties associated with divorce process files a divorce petition and notice of the same is served to the other party....

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Advantages That You Get With Family Court Advocates In Mumbai

A family is standing in front of bombay high court waiting for justice

For all those lawyers that specialize in matters of divorce, child custody, visitation and support the advice that you get is primal whether during the trail process or before that. Whether it is negotiating the legal action or offering the advice you will get the assistance whenever you need. There are definite advantages of hiring the legal personalities that have intense knowledge in this field....

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