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Responsibilities of a Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Responsibilities of a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dress of a criminal defence lawyer in front of Supreme Court

The role and work of a criminal lawyer in India is very crucial and important. They take care of all the obligations and tasks which arise during the process of the criminal trial. The criminal lawyer is completely in control of and liable for defending the client who has been put under the criminal trial. The criminal lawyer will speak and proceed with the case on behalf of their client. There are few aspects which the criminal lawyer is in charge of and will take care of.

Fundamentally, when we look into a criminal case the advocate will either be chosen by the client’s themselves or they will be chosen by the court for the client. With respect to the choosing of lawyer by court, they are all public defenders who work for the public defenders’ office. They will be given cases by all types of court in our nation from federal, state to central. Many criminal advocates have their own firms and at times some lawyers are hired by famous private firms. The Private lawyers will be paid more when compared to the public defenders’ also the work for public defenders are more than the private defenders.

After an advocate is appointed for the specific case then they will have to do the interview or investigation process. They will be given the chance to talk to their clients as by the process they will get a clear idea about the circumstances of the case. The advocates can ask questions to the client in detail which will help them with the case. This will increase the chances of the lawyer winning as they will be able to form strong arguments with this. However, the main ingredient for this recipe is questioning the client completely and thoroughly.

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After interviewing the client, the Criminal lawyer will be given the evidences which they will have to very keenly study and analyse with respect to the theories of the case laid. They can also come up with extra possible theories. The criminal lawyer can also have the evidences tested and looked into for themselves again separately.

Any criminal lawyer will have to be in constant touch with their criminal defendant or client as they will have to keep the client updated about the case and if there are any possible developments or backlashes. The criminal advocate will have to make sure that the conversations that happen between them and the client is maintained confidentially.

In criminal cases the criminal advocate will be asked to aid the court with the process of the Jury selection. They can choose to remove selective jurors if they seem to talk or choose in a biased manner.

Another important responsibility of the criminal Advocate is to do the process of bargaining. They will negotiate with the opposition lawyer and parties with respect to any plea bargain. Many times, the criminal advocate will succeed in the negotiations by profiting a very favorable deal which benefits both the parties. This deal will help reduce the sentence or fine placed on the defendant.

The mandatory work of the criminal lawyer is to represent the client in the trial. They will examine all the witness brought forth; they will cross examine all the witness presented. After this examination they will argue and try to persuade the judge and jury that this opposition party does not have the proof of burden.

If the defendant has been prosecuted and given Punishment the criminal lawyer will go and negotiate and plea bargain with the judges to reduce the sentence of their client which works out many times. They will place all convincing factors as to why the sentence has to be reduced for their client.

The work of a criminal lawyer is very tedious and complex. For criminal cases it is highly advised that people hire the best advocate. Adv. Bindu Dubey is one of Mumbai’s finest criminal defence lawyer and she has all the knowledge and ability to guide the clients in a very clear path patiently.

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