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Significance of A Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Significance of A Criminal Defence Lawyer

Criminal standing with hand in cuffs with criminal defence lawyer

When do you need a CRIMINAL LAWYER ?:

When anyone is being accused or even suspected for a crime and is in the danger of being prosecuted for a criminal activity then it becomes mandatory for them to hire and have a criminal defence lawyer by their side always. Many accused people tend to lose the case as they are not aware of the legalities and the rights that the Indian Law has laid down even for anyone who has been proven Guilty. The process and procedures involved in a criminal case is very complex and tedious and it becomes extra – long when they called to the court. Therefore, it is mandatory and necessary to get in touch with the best defence lawyer in Mumbai. Adv. Bindu Dubey is one of the most renowned criminal defence Advocate in Mumbai and she will guide her clients in a very coherent and intelligible manner. She will assist her clients in all manner as to how a defence lawyer must lend a helping hand to their accused clients.

At times it is very crucial to make sure that one has a criminal defence lawyer as the penalties will be more than just a fine as criminal cases involve imprisonment up to even death penalties. Many people have this false idea that hiring a criminal advocate will cost them money but it is untrue as the cost and money spent on the case without an expertise Criminal lawyer will be more than the cost of hiring a well learned criminal defence lawyer. Therefore, the clever solution is to hire the best criminal lawyer and Adv. Bindu Dubey is one of the anticipatory bail lawyers in Mumbai.

The criminal defence lawyer will be aware of all the loopholes, nooks and corners and the differences in any cases which involves criminal liability and hence with ease they will understand and apply all the facts and arguments which will aid them to take away and eliminate all the charges that has been filed against their client.


The main reason as to why it is significant and vital to hire a criminal defence lawyer is that they have the sufficient and comprehensible understanding of the area of criminal law. The legal system is very confusing and has many loopholes, this makes it hard for people who even work in the field everyday a hard job. Hence, it is of utmost importance to hire a renowned lawyer like Adv. Bindu to help the clients with their case.

  • Any case which goes before a court involves huge amount of paperwork which has to be done even before appearing before the court. A fine criminal defence advocate will make sure it is all done properly as even a small mistake will become an advantage for the opposition party. Criminal court cases involve strict deadlines, tedious legal procedures which can not be done easily without a fine criminal defence lawyer. Therefore, one has to have access and the help of the best criminal lawyer who is very well experienced and if the opposition knows that the accused has a strong lawyer it will increase the chances of our client winning.
  • Every case will involve the opposition examining the evidences provided and therefore it is of high time need that client have the criminal lawyer by the accused client’s side. A well learned criminal lawyer will know what kinds of loopholes the opposition is trying to use and at times will catch the illegal evidence that might be submitted against the accused client. Hence, it is necessary to hire the best criminal defence lawyer who will support the client and examine the evidences submitted by the prosecution. A criminal defence lawyer will have connections with people from other fields such as doctors, investigators, detectives etc and these connections will prove worthy many a times.
  • Criminal defence system has this stereotype that the cost of criminal cases and hiring lawyers for criminal cases are expensive but in reality, hiring the best criminal lawyer will actually save time and money. As having a good lawyer by one’s side will make the court process smooth and in an effective manner. Without the aid of a criminal lawyer the expenses spent for the case will become super high and will also take extra time and energy.
  • A very well – learned criminal defence advocate like Adv. Bindu Dubey has spent years in understanding and comprehending the criminal law system and will be able to handle the charges of case in a very smooth and relaxed manner. The lawyer will put plan and notes to choose the appropriate defence provisions to help the client. The defence lawyer will in-depth study the facts of the case and prepare the accurate arguments. Having one’s case being checked and handled by the well connected criminal lawyer will possess high chances of the accused client getting anticipatory bail or winning the case.
  • When anyone is accused of a criminal offence it eventually puts their life, future, career at stake. Their life comes to a standstill. Criminal cases will affect the accused mentally, physical, financially and emotionally. If the accused fails to properly defend themselves then it becomes hard for them to win the case and eventually the rest of their lives will become painful. Hiring Experienced criminal lawyer will make sure that they will erase all the criminal records or at least reduce the charges as much as they can.
  • Hiring a criminal defence lawyer who is experienced, well – learned will also mean that they will place utmost importance on the specific client’s case and will help them and guide them to the end of the case successfully. The accused will not feel comfortable sharing details with many people, but with legal expert, the client will be able to consult and share their insecurities and fears. Therefore, the main thing in a criminal defence lawyer is that one can get personalized attention from the lawyers which will make the client feel more comfortable.
  • The best criminal defence lawyer will aid the client in assessing and looking into all the possible options available and help them choose the best of all. The lawyer will also help in negotiating and even at times will pave way for the dismissal of the case. Many options such as choosing to go to trial or not will be best taken with the help of the expertise of the lawyer. The criminal defence lawyer will look into all the possible outcomes of all the choices available for their client. Even if the accused is charged with a guilty plea the advocate will argue and bargain for a lesser penalty with all the possible arguments, provisions and laws available.

Therefore, it has to be understood that criminal cases are not a piece of cake and has to be handled with utmost care and patience. Hiring the best Criminal defence lawyer such as Adv. Bindu Dubey will increase your chances of winning the criminal case. Criminal lawyers will reduce the exposure to risk and will aid you lead a stress free process In the case.

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