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Responsibilities and Duties of A Divorce lawyer

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Responsibilities and Duties of A Divorce lawyer

Responsibilities and Duties of A Divorce lawyer

Responsibilities and Duties of A Divorce Lawyer

The process that involves obtaining a divorce is very time consuming and drains the emotional and financial stability of any individual. To make this less tiresome people approach lawyers for help. There are commonly all types of lawyers but cases relating to divorce, separation, child custody etc the client will have to approach the best divorce lawyer in Mumbai. The best lawyer in the field will help the client understand the issues clearly and will put forth perfect arguments during the trial. The Indian law puts forth numerous chaotic and confound provisions under different religions for the purpose of divorce. For e.g., divorce for Christians is followed with the help of Indian Divorce Act, 1869; Hindus can file for divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Similarly, The Muslims have different set of laws and provisions which validates a divorce for them. Therefore, it is deemed highly necessary to hire the finest and leading lawyers for divorce cases.

The major role of any divorce lawyer in India is to help the spouses who want to file/get a divorce choose the kind of divorce they want to move forward with. The kind of divorce either mutual or contested will be decided only with respect to the facts of the case. All the lawyers specialized in the field of divorce will be able to assist the spouses as they will understand and analyse the situation without difficulty.

In cases relating to mutual divorce the lawyers will guide the spouses related to child custody, Alimony, division of property etc. In non-mutual divorce cases the advocates will challenge the divorce petition filed and will represent their client in the court throughout the proceedings. Here, the said lawyer will take care of all the problems relating to maintenance, child custody etc. Everyone is well aware of the importance of divorce lawyer. However, the question arises as to what is the role of any divorce lawyer?

Doing what will make any lawyer the finest divorce lawyer? There are few factors which determine the validity and effectiveness of a divorce lawyer:

A divorce lawyer will in detail explain the terms and grounds of the divorce to the party. As each and every state has their own grounds for the divorce the advocates will have to know them and will have to assist and guide the client with respect to the appropriate ground.

The procedure involving the divorce is emotionally painful and they advocates tend to make it less painful. On the same time, they will have to have frequent conversations with the client relating to the real factors such as how this might affect their future.

One main responsibility of the divorce lawyer is to help the clients split their assets equally and mutually. Many a times a spouse might not know of the assets of the other spouse. The advocates can help them with respect to that by collecting the necessary information and clearly settle the property or asset dispute.

The divorce lawyer will in detail explain the concept of property division to the parties.

The main issue in any divorce is the process of debt payment. Many a times the spouses tend to have obtained a joint debt. Advocates in this instance will help them analyse the debt plans and devise a plan as to how it can be split or how their clients can be exempted from it.

Advocates will help their client analyse as to if they can be entitled to any privileges from the other spouse such as maintenance or alimony. Many a times the spouses will be allowed to inherit a part of their pension or social security if they were in marriage for more than ten years.

The divorce advocate will have the major responsibility of assisting the client with child custody matters as this is one the main issue in any divorce case.

A good divorce advocate will have the best negotiating skills. As they will help the client to settle disputes with respect to property, assets, custody etc.

Adv. Bindu Dubey is one of the finest and best divorce lawyers in Mumbai. She has the clear knowledge and capability to handle all the process involved in the divorce even with respect to child custody. Adv. Bindu’s team will help the clients with various processes. Clients can fix an appointment with Adv. Bindu Dubey for advice, they can read various guides on divorce and this can all be done from the comfort of one’s home through online. Adv. Bindu Duby will guide the clients/spouses/individuals on matters relating to maintenance, alimony, Child custody, Domestic violence, Dowry cases, NRI divorce and Restitution of conjugal rights. All these will be dealt by the lawyer for both mutual and contested divorces.

The final and major role of any divorce lawyer is to litigate the case in front of the court. They will have to prepare the best arguments to support and win the case.

The divorce Advocate will take care of all the issues related to filing, contesting and handling the cases in family courts and high courts with respect to all the various divorce laws in India. They tend to help with the filing for maintenance, alimony, child custody matters. They will aid the parties in filing the petition and will help them with defence under Domestic Violence Act, 2005; Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code and Section 125 of the Code of criminal procedure. They help the clients with the divorce with respect to their religion under Muslim laws, Hindu laws and common law of India.

Adv. Bindu Dubey will provide the best service which will aid her clients with their case. For further aid please visit beta.advocatebindu.com.

If you seek an NRI Lawyer in India, our skilled team specializes in all Indian courts.

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