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Comparison Between Mutual Consent and Contested Divorce

Couple is fighting over contested or mutual divorce

Marriages are said to be the strongest bond that keeps a couple committed and devoted towards each other in a marriage. Many times due to several unfortunate scenarios when a marriage doesn’t seem to be working well, it’s better for the spouses to get separated. In India, the law provides two ways to get divorced – ‘Mutual consent’ and ‘Contested’ divorce....

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Can A Wife File A Domestic Violence Complaint After the Divorce?

A womens image is shown with mans hand coming towards her to hit on face

The Indian Constitution emphasizes the fundamental rights of an individual, thereby promoting basic freedom. Among these, the right to equality before the law, discrimination on the basis gender, religion, race, caste and place of birth is of prime importance. Nonetheless, there has been an increase in the instances of rising oppression on women in the form of domestic violence, rape, and sexual harassment....

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Pension Scheme for Widows

A old women holding pension cheque

No nation can develop if it’s women are weak and unable to get even their basic needs fulfilled. Our constitution has given the ‘Right to Life’ to every citizen and we should not forget that this right also means the right to live with dignity. A lot of widows who have no means of earning to provide for themselves feel helpless after demise of their husbands....

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Step by Step Process for Divorce with Mutual Consent

Couples fighting at lawyer office, marriage broken

Marriage is meeting of two souls but a divorce becomes inevitable when these two souls give up on each other due to any reason/reasons. As per Indian Legal System, the process of divorce starts with filing a divorce petition. One of the parties associated with divorce process files a divorce petition and notice of the same is served to the other party....

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The Property Lawyers In Mumbai Are Specialists In Property Functions

Property Lawyer Services in Mumbai

Property lawyers assist clients in the management of legal issues that are associated with residential and commercial estate, commercial leasing, tenants, ownership and private property. They help in the transferring process of properties of real estate and that includes both purchase and sales. Property lawyer assist clients in dealing with the rented property’s legal facets. Clients hire the property lawyers for defending their right of being renters, tenants, owners and landlords....

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The Importance Of Compliance Framework For An Organization

A lawyer is standing with Corporate Lawyer in Mumbai

The Compliance atmosphere in India has witnessed a sudden momentum and a number of old laws are now being replaced with new age laws. Some of the examples for the same are the Companies Act, 2013, Maternity Benefit Act, The Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act etc. There are various discussions held to revamp the labour laws too so that the law is contemporary and is more modern....

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Reasons For Which You Need To Hire Real Estate Lawyer From A Reputed Firm


Buying and selling in real estate is genuinely tricky and not only do the prices fluctuate but the terms and conditions can change rapidly or they might appear unclear to the clients. Hiring legal service to resolve matters in this field is one of the best ideas to tackle the problems and different issues but you need to take the chance. If you are not convinced with the reasons of hiring a lawyer in this field it is time to dive deep into the reasons....

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Ways In Which Cyber Crime Lawyer Deals With The Trouble

IT And Cyber Crime Lawyer Services

It can come from anywhere or nowhere but the sudden attack in the form of cyber crime which enters into the privacy of the citizens is grueling indeed. The irony is that a lot of people are rather unaware of the way in which problems can seep deep inside there are different categories of cyber crime such as those that are hurled on individual or citizens and the rest which is related to the government machinery or property....

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The Labour Court Lawyers in Mumbai Help Settling Workplace Disputes

labour lawyers

As division of employment law, the labour lawyers represent both employees and employers in the negotiation and disputes. They focus on specific industries that have labour unions including bus drivers, policemen and teachers as well as the specialized regulations and rules. Labour lawyers represent labour union members in those cases against the employers and in situations of strike and employers involved in cases against the employees....

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