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Unveiling Quo Warranto: In-Depth Writ Explanation

Explain Quo Warranto Writ in Detail

Quo Warranto is a legal remedy and writ used to inquire into the authority by which an individual holds a public office, franchise, or certain positions of authority. The term "quo warranto" is derived from Latin, meaning "by what warrant" or "by what authority." The writ of quo warranto is employed to ensure that individuals occupying public offices or positions have the legal right, qualifications, and authority to do so.


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How Legal System Protects and Honours the Senior Citizens in India?

Senior Citizen looking for legal services

The Constitution of India has mentioned in the Articles 41 to 46 where it states the directive principles of state policy where they have laid provisions and laws for giving work and common assistance for the elderly and to promote the economic interests of the elderly section of the Indian society....

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