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Lawyer for Filing FIR

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First Information Report (FIR) as the name suggests it is the very first and foremost information recorded by the police officer on duty. FIR can be filed by the aggrieved person himself of any other representative aware of the complete incident of the alleged offence. Police start the investigation on the basis of the FIR and its ingredient.

Our experts always suggest filing the FIR without any delay. The party that proceeds or registers the FIR first is considered as complainant and the person responding to or charged is considered as the respondent. There are instances wherein delay in registering the FIR has happened but it is considered as an exception if there are valid reasons behind it. Our expert legal consultant or lawyers can help you in filing FIR after understanding your complete story. It really depends on the facts, events, occurrence, and circumstances for each case.  If you are still struggling to understand whether it is the right time or not to file an FIR, contact us.

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