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Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai

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Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai

Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai can help you file and get the relied if you fear for the arrest. You should consult with a renowned and trustworthy lawyer to apply for an Anticipatory Bail. If you can consult and file your application through the best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai you have more chances to get the relief from the court sooner.

Adv. Bindu Dubey & Associates is an award winning Law firm serving clients across the globe for their cases in India. If you are facing any criminal charges again you and need to get relief from the court, you are at right place. Your next step should be to contact our law firm to explain your side of the story and file relevant applications to get the relief. The best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer can protect you from the arrest.

There are various factors on which Anticipatory bail is granted. If your FIR includes non-bailable sections it is very much important and urgent to file anticipatory bail in the court to prevent form the arrest in the hands of the police officer. In case the FIR is not filed yet but you sense that IPC sections that can put you behind the bars will be added by the officer, it is better to stay away from the officer and file immediately for the Anticipatory Bail in the court. Once you get interim relief after filing through a best Anticipatory bail lawyer in Mumbai, you can very well visit the police officer to support in the investigation.

Adv. Bindu Dubey & Associates have a proven track record in filing and getting favorable results for client cases in Sessions and High Court of Mumbai, Allahabad, and Delhi. Our top rated Criminal Lawyers from diverse background help in cases of Rape, Murder, NDPS, Forgery, Fraud, etc. Being a best Divorce and Family lawyer in Mumbai we help in taking Anticipatory Bail and Regular bail in 498A / Dowry cases.

You can apply for an anticipatory bail in Session court and later in the High Court. It means that you have limitations in the numbers of applications for Anticipatory bail and hence it is better to hire the Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai to increase the chances of securing favorable orders.

Anticipatory bail application u/s 438

There are various types of Bail in India and Anticipatory bail can be applied u/s 438 of the CrPC i.e. Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 in case of non-bailable offences. The provision under this section clearly states that the anticipatory bail is granted if the accusations are under non-bailable offences. This provision is specifically concerned with the law of personal liberty of an individual. This attracts personal liberty since the accused is innocent until he/she is proven to be guilty after investigation and trial court. The decision of granting an anticipatory bail to the accused lies on the honorable court and the decisions / orders may differ in every court. The Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai can help you deal with such application in criminal cases.

Contact best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Mumbai

For expert legal representation in matters related to non-bailable offenses before the arrest of the accused listed in the FIR copy, reach out to a top NRI lawyer practicing in Mumbai Sessions Court, High Court, Dindoshi Court, Esplanade Court, Andheri Court, or other neighboring courts. It’s crucial to consult a skilled Criminal lawyer specializing in such cases.

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