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Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer

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A Mutual Content Divorce Lawyer can help you file the petition if both husband and wife are in the talking terms. It is important for both of them to agree mutually on all the terms and conditions of the Divorce. It is also necessary to agree on specific terms like Maintenance, Child Custody, Alimony, Visit Rights, Property separation, etc. There is too much to gather, point out and place in mutual agreement document before proceeding in Mutual Consent Divorce, that an expert Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer can surely guide you.

It may look a bit difficult to close this amicably and with our experience, we agree to it, but we try hard to agree both the parties so that the Mutual Divorce option still prevails for separation. Our experts do the very much needed Family Counseling before filing for the Divorce. In terms of child custody, it is very much agreeable to have joint custody rights for the parents. For other aspects like Finances, Assets, Maintenance mutually both can discuss and decide on the favorable terms that can be adhered to in the future too. It should be obviously as per the capacity.

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